Chemung County Young Professionals | CCYP @ Finger Lakes House – Review
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CCYP @ Finger Lakes House – Review

On Jan, 26th CCYP hosted a networking event featuring professional photographer Sarah Flenders. The event was well attended and got great reviews. A very diverse group of young professionals and mentors alike filled the rooms enjoying great food, wine and craft brews. The Finger lakes House did a magnificent job catering the event and Sarah Flenders energy brought the best out of everyone. Laughter could be heard in all directions and the exchange of business cards was just a prevalent.


The general sentiment of the event was an expression of gratitude. The need for, “This type of thing” was reiterated time and time again. We are really looking forward to seeing you all again in Feb. at Mooney’s. Thank you kindly for all of your support! – CCYP




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